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Automated Bag Packaging and Palletizing Production Line


Automated Bag Packaging and Palletizing Production Line is composed of fully-automatic equipment. The whole work progress includes quantitative packaging, inverted bag conveying, climbing conveying, vibration shaping, automatic stacking, and pallet conveying system.

Main equipment includ:

· 01 Automatic quantitative packaging scale;

· 02 Linear conveyor;

· 03 Curve conveyor;

· 04 Climbing conveyor;

· 05 Rapping and shaping equipment;

· 06 Waiting for palletizing platform;

· 07 Palletizing robot;

· 08 Automatic pallet repository;

· 09 Pallet conveyor.

· The whole work process of the system is automatically controlled by PLC to achieve continuous operation.

· The system has the functions of fault alarm, display and automatic continuous lockdown.

· Meanwhile, the CYB-Bot robot has triple limit protection security mechanisms and can implement real-time intelligent monitoring of product position in the production line, remote diagnosis and network based management.

· Independently developed by Cyb-Bot, software maintenance and update can be well ensured.

· Fully-automatic operation can effectively save labors, improve efficiency and reduce production costs.

· Reliable operation and easy maintenance.

· 10-12 years’ service life.

· Timely and professional service, widely application.

· Can be customized as per customer’s special requirements.

· The production line is suitable for all kinds of bag package, paper bags, plastic bags and woven bags etc.

· It is widely applied in petrochemical industry, chemical fertilizer, food, grain and building materials industries and can achieve the whole process automation in the weighing, packing and stacking of bulk, block and powder materials, etc.

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