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Automated Box Packing Machine


Automatic box packing machine is redesigned through technology innovation by the Company based on foreign advanced technology. The equipment operates in the pneumatic and electric mode.

Model No.:HJ-886

Desktop Height: 650mm

Machine Size: 2100×1490×1700mm 

Carton Size:(L350~600)*(W220-420)*(H150~300)mm 

Carton Input Speed:15m/min 

Film Size:W400~600mm (M-type tub folded film)

Film Length Conversion:Carton:L+W+150=length of film roll

Power: 220V/380V 50HZ

The equipment features low energy consumption, compact structure, steady operation, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, flexible arm, frequency motor driving and smooth running. 

The machine is widely applied in beer, beverage, purified water, mineral water, fruit juice, dairy products, condiments and other industries. It is the best choice of automatic box packing equipment for packing industry.

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