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Automatic Carton Packaging and Palletizing Production Line


Automated Carton Packaging and Pallet Production Line is composed of fully-automatic equipment. The whole process of the production line includes unpacking, bagging, metal detection, sorting and packing, weighing, packing and automatic palletizing systems.

Main equipment includ:

· 01 Automatic Baler;

· 02 Linear conveyor;

· 03 Curve conveyor;

· 04 Climbing conveyor;

· 05 Sorting robot;

· 06 Metal detector;

· 07 Palletizing robot;

· 08 Automatic pallet repository;

· 09 Pallet conveyor;

· 10 Automatic carton sealer;

· 11 Automatic carton unpacker;

· 12 Automatic bagging machine.

· The whole work process of the system is automatically controlled by PLC to achieve continuous operation.

· The system has the functions of fault alarm, display and automatic continuous lockdown.

· It can be equipped with communication interface based on the user’s requirements to implement real-time intelligent monitoring, remote diagnosis and network-based management.

· Independently developed by Cyb-Bot, software maintenance and update can be well ensured.

· Fully-automatic operation can effectively save labors, improve efficiency and reduce production costs.

· Reliable operation and easy maintenance.

· 10-12 years’ service life.

· Timely and professional service, widely application.

· Can be customized as per customer’s special requirements.

· The production line is suitable for all kinds of automatic box packaging for picking, packaging and stacking.

· It is widely applied to products of food, meat, dairy products and medicine, grain and logistics industries to achieve whole process automation from packaging detection to stacking.

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