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Metal Detector


Equipment for Automated Carton Packaging and Palletizing Production Line.

Body Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel;

Roller material: carbon steel galvanized;

Belt material: PVC, PU, etc.

Drive mode: Motor reducer;

Transmission Mode: Belt drive;

Can be customized according to customer requirements;

· Adopting the current mainstream of balanced principle, characterized as high precision, stable performance and anti-interference ability.

· Using intelligent identification technology, with self-learning and memory capabilities, can automatically recognize and memory product features, effectively inhibit the various "product effect" interference.

· Using the combination of DSP and single-chip for data sampling and data processing of detection signal to improve the detection effect;

· Simple and friendly user interface. By the use of interactive LCD screen, the operator can quickly and easily set the parameters through a simple keying interface; the machine can detect a variety of products  containing different product signals.

· Can detect iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, non-ferrous metals and other materials;

· Can be designed with a variety of frequency according to different product features, have product testing data storage capabilities, can store 12 kinds of product testing data, applications range widely.

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