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Intelligent Stereo Warehousing System


Intelligent Stereo Warehousing System is an Automated Storage & Retrieval System (AS/RS) designed for high-level shelves warehouse. It is by integration of intelligent storage system, intelligent conveying system, automated palletizing system, intelligent sorting system, information identification system and warehouse control & management system to realize the rational use of high-level warehouse space and automation of storage and retrieval operation.

Intelligent Stereo Warehousing System

Intelligent Stereo Warehousing System includes:

· Intelligent Storage System is composed of stacker system, vertical shelf system, warehouse conveying system, electrical control system and warehouse management system(WMS).

· Intelligent Logistics Conveying System includes chain conveyor, roller conveyor, belt conveyor, transfer conveyor, variable-range belt conveyor, AGV/RGV and other conveying equipment.  

· Lifters include C type lifter, Z type lifter, E type lifter, continuous lifter and reciprocating lifter.

· Intelligent Sorting System include DPS sorting system, high speed sorting system, sliding boots type sorting machine, crossing belt type sorting machine, steering wheel type sorting machine and other sorting machines.

· Automated palletizing system include manipulators, palletizing robot, pallets, storage cage, various types of racks and various types of forklifts.

· Warehousing Management System - WMS is an integrated management system by integration the functions of in-out-stock operation, batch management, material correspondence, inventory counting, quality inspection, empty warehouse management, stock transfer and real-time inventory management, etc. 

WMS can effectively control and track the entire progress of logistics and cost management of warehouse operations to achieve a sound management of enterprise warehousing information. The system can perform inventory operations independently and provide more complete and comprehensive enterprise business process and financial management information in combination with the use of documents and vouchers from other systems.

WMS sends dispatching instructions to each storage equipment PLC through Warehouse Control System and drive each single equipment to complete the specified action and realize the in-out stock requirements of intelligent storage equipment.

· Warehousing Control System - WCS is a management control system between WMS system and PLC system. On the one hand, it exchanges information with the WMS system, accepts the instructions of the WMS system and sends it to the PLC system, thus driving the production line to generate corresponding mechanical actions. On the other hand, it will reflect the status and data of PLC system in the interface from time to time, and provide PLC system and production line with manual debugging.


WCS features as active management and dispatching of in-out warehouse logistics to realize the synchronization management of logistics information and logistics equipment; strong data management and query statistics function and good expansion ability and open data interface.

Main Warehousing Equipment:

Intelligent Stereo Warehousing System

· High-level shelves storage can fully use the vertical space of the warehouse and make the storage quantity per unit area is much larger than that of the ordinary single-storey warehouse, generally 4 to 7 times larger than that of single-storey warehouse. Thus can save the land costs and improve the space utilization effectively.

· Automatic Storage and Retrieval can accurately and fast complete the cargo handling with the help of computer control within the warehouse. Thus will improve the production efficiency and reduce the labor intensity.

· Computer Control can reduce the error in the process of cargo handling and the information processing, meantime can effectively use the storage capacity, facilitate the inventory,  accelerate the reserve capital flowing, save liquidity and thereby enhance the management level of the warehouse.

· Can achieve the automation, standardization and Informatization of the warehouse operation.

· Complex structure, need more supporting equipment and investment.

  • Shelf installation needs higher precision and construction needs longer time.

Intelligent Stereo Warehousing System is widely applied in the medical production, automobile, machinery, electronics and tobacco manufacturing and logistics, clothing, wine, diary, printing and military fields.   

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