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Palletizing Robots


Cyb-Bot palletizing robot owns core technology of complete independent intellectual property rights. Its controller system, wholly independently developed by Cyb-Bot,  takes the advanced embedded controller and real time operating system technology structure, has high speed Ethernet communication port and the function of robot vibration suppression under the heavy load conditions. The robot has strong market competitiveness.

The Company has developed two kinds of palletizing robots, CBT90 and CBT200. The average service life of robot is 10-12 years, and the transportation capacity and other technical indicators are at the international advanced level.

Industrial Robot Palletizing Robot

Mechanical structureSeries-parallel connection multi-joint robot
Product modelCBT-90CBT-200
Payload weight90 KG200KG
Operating beat1200c/h1400c/h
Action axisStandard four-axis( can expanded to five-axis)
Robot weight(including standard base)1000 KG1200 KG
Power supply(380VPH 50HZ)3.5KW5.5KW
Compressed Air0.5Mpa
Stacking goodsGoods in bags, boxes, barrels and other type of package
Grasping SizeCan be customized by customers’ product specifications
Stacking height Take 2 horizontal and 3 vertical as a layer, cross stacking, each stacking is 8-10 layers
Stacking type60 types for standard, 120 types at most

· Simple structure and easy maintenance: standard parts, automatic lubrication system, one-click operation.

· High applicability and flexibility: a variety of picking and stacking means are optional, suitable for different product features.

· Low energy consumption and high reliability: light and strong arm structure, lower energy consumption and higher reliability under high speed operation conditions.

· Simplified teaching, easy to learn: Operation interface is compiled programmatically.  Operation simple, convenient and easy to use.

· Customized, professional service: can be customized according to the customer demands and provide timely and professional service for customers.

· Protection mechanism, safe and reliable: Triple limit protection, protection for wrongly entering robot work area and anti-collision protection.

Palletizing robots are widely used for automated palletizing in the food, animal feed, dairy, chemical, oil & grain and building material industry.

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