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Automated Packaging & Robotic Palletizing System Solutions for Animal Feed Industry

Technical Parameters

Robot ModelGripper TypePalletizing CapacityPackage
CBT-200Bag Type Gripper110044-5540-50kg/bag
MaterialPowder or Granule Animal Feed
Pallet Size1700*1400*150MM

Solution Process

Automatic Bag Sewing Conveyor → Vertical Bag-Inverted Conveyer → Linear Conveyor → Weight Scale → Automatic Weighing

and Rejection Machine → Climbing Conveyor→ Waiting for Palletizing Platform → Robotic Palletizing → Waiting for Forklift Handling

Automated Packaging

Solution Technical Innovation

· Multi-line Convergence Technology

· Segment Control

· Bag Material Shaping Technology

· Robot Control System

· Bag Weighing and Rejection Technology

· Reserving Artificial Emergency Palletizing Site

· Equipped with Automatic Pallet Repository System

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