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Automated Packaging & Robotic Palletizing System Solutions for Dairy Industry

Technical Parameters

Robot ModelGripper TypePalletizing CapacityPackage
IRB-660Box Type Gripper, 4 boxes/time240-12000.864-6.483.6-5.4kg/box
MaterialMilk Powder
Pallet Size1650*1400*150MM

Solution Process:

Roller Conveyor → Spiral Lifter → Roller Conveyor → Code Scanning Machine → Steering Device → Arrangement Platform→ Robotic Palletizing


Solution Technical Innovation:

l    Equipped with automatic box unpacking and sealing machine to realize the automation of box unpacking and sealing.
l    Equipped with code scanning machine to achieve the product traceability.
l    Equipped with RFID Device.
l    Robot control system
l    Equipped with vertical box feeder.
l    Spiral elevator, spiral descending machine.  
l    Can meet the different palletizing-height requirement and reduce the space occupation.

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