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Automated Packaging & Robotic Palletizing System Solutions for Grain and Oil Industry

Technical Parameters

Robot ModelGripper TypePalletizing CapacityPackage
CBT-90Bag Type Gripper8004050kg/bag
MaterialPowder, Granule and Part of Block Peanut Meal
Pallet Size1650*1400*130MM

Solution Process 

Linear Bag-Inverted Conveyor → Chute → Convergence Conveyor → Angle Adjustable Climbing Conveyor → Double-deck Flattening

Conveyor → Temporary Storage Conveyor → Waiting for Palletizing Platform → Robotic Palletizing → Waiting for Forklift Handling

Automated Packaging

Solution Technical Innovation

· Two-line Convergence Technology

· Pallet Overlaying Technology

· Swing Type Conveying Technology, Gas Cylinder Drive, High Degree of Automation

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