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Cyb-Bot offers both Automatic Robotic Palletizing System Solution and Intelligent Stereo Warehousing System Solution. As a system integrator, Cyb-Bot’s solutions combine first-class material handling equipment and patented automatic control system to create intelligent automated system that help our customers to increase productivity and reduce the operational costs. Our goal is to use these solutions to help our customers to become leaders in their industries.
Automatic Bag Packaging and Palletizing Production Line
Automatic Robotic Palletizing System Solution

Cyb-Bot excels in integrating quality intelligent equipment and patented control system to meet the continuously changing needs of global customers. Automated Bag/Box Robotic palletizing system solutions are designed by our expert engineering team utilizing the latest in conveyor, robotic, machine vision, and motion control technology. The solution can improve the social labor efficiency effectively for a variety of industries including but not limited to automotive, consumer goods, feed, chemical, oil & grain, medical, food and building materials.

Solution Benefits:

● Solution independently developed by Cyb-Bot, software maintenance and update can be well ensured.

● Fully-automatic operation can effectively save labors, improve efficiency and reduce production costs.

● Reliable operation and easy maintenance.

● 10-12 years’ service life.

● Timely and professional service, widely application.

● Can be customized as per customer's special requirements.

Automatic Carton Packaging and Palletizing Production Line
Automatic Carton Packaging and Palletizing Production Line Automatic Carton Packaging and Palletizing Production Line
Intelligent Stereo Warehousing System Solution

Intelligent Stereo Warehousing System Solution is designed for intelligent management and Automated Storage & Retrieval of high-level shelves warehouse. The solution is composed of intelligent storage system, intelligent conveying system, automated palletizing system, intelligent sorting system, information identification system and warehouse control & management system, which are integrated to realize the rational use of high-level warehouse space and automation of storage and retrieval operation.

Solution Benefits:

● High-level shelves storage can fully use the vertical space of the warehouse and make the storage quantity per unit area is much larger than that of the ordinary single-storey warehouse, generally 4 to 7 times larger than that of single-storey warehouse. Thus can save the land costs and improve the space utilization effectively.

● Automatic Storage and Retrieval can accurately and fast complete the cargo handling with the help of computer control within the warehouse. Thus will improve the production efficiency and reduce the labor intensity.

● Computer Control can reduce the error in the process of cargo handling and the information processing, meantime can effectively use the storage capacity, facilitate the inventory,  accelerate the reserve capital flowing, save liquidity and thereby enhance the management level of the warehouse.

● Can achieve the automation, standardization and Informatization of the warehouse operation.

Solution Benefits
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