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Cyb-Bot offers both Automatic Robotic Palletizing System Solution and Intelligent Stereo Warehousing System Solution. As a system integrator, Cyb-Bot’s solutions combine first-class material handling equipment and patented automatic control system to create intelligent automated system that help our customers to increase productivity and reduce the operational costs. Our goal is to use these solutions to help our customers to become leaders in their industries.

Automated Box Robotic Palletizing System Solution is offered according to customers' actual requirements. It is designed for achieving the whole process automation of unpacking, bagging, metal detecting, sorting and packing, weighing and removing, box sealing and wrapping and automatic palletizing. The solution can handle all kinds of box-packaged products in food, meat, dairy products and medicine, grain and logistics industries.

Technical Features:

· The whole work process of the system is automatically controlled by smart program to achieve continuous operation.

· The system has the functions of fault alarm, display and automatic continuous lockdown.

· It can be equipped with communication interface based on the user's requirements to implement real-time intelligent monitoring, remote diagnosis and network-based management.

Technical Specifications (variable as per different case):

Robot ModelGripper TypePalletizing CapacityPackage
IRB-660Box Type Gripper, 4 boxes/time240-12000.864-6.483.6-5.4kg/box
MaterialMilk Powder
Pallet Size1650*1400*1300MM

Solution Process:

Roller Conveyor → Spiral Lifter → Roller Conveyor → Code Scanning Machine → Steering Device → Arrangement Platform→ Robotic Palletizing


Solution Advantages:

· Solution independently developed by Cyb-Bot, software maintenance and update can be well ensured.

· Fully-automatic operation can effectively save labors, improve efficiency and reduce production costs.

· Reliable operation and easy maintenance.

· 10-12 years' service life.

· Timely and professional service, widely application.

· Can be customized as per customer's special requirements.

Solution Technical Innovation:

· Equipped with automatic box unpacking and sealing machine to realize the automation of box unpacking and sealing.

· Equipped with code scanning machine to achieve the product traceability.

· Equipped with RFID Device.

· Robot control system.

· Equipped with vertical box feeder.

· Spiral elevator, spiral descending machine.

· Can meet the different palletizing-height requirement and reduce the space occupation.

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