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Sorting Robot CBT-D2A3


• CBT-D2A3 sorting robot is a 2-DOF robot solution for high-precision pick-and-place operation in the plane with advantages of high speed, high precision, high reliability, easy to use and low maintenance costs. It has been extended to 4 models with a minimum working space of up to 200mm, which can save precious production space, reduce production costs to a minimum, and easily integrating into automated machinery equipment and production lines.

• CBT-D2A3 sorting robot series has a standard working range of 1000X250mm and a payload of up to 3kg. The robot is easy to clean and less maintenance. It is suitable for the sorting and handling of small, light and scattered materials such as food and electronics.

• Customized Service: According to customer’s needs, servo motor can be designated, development control system can be customized and back interface port can be open for user’s second development and upgrading.

• Redundant constraints effectively reduce or eliminate hinge clearance and improving robot accuracy and stiffness.

• Saves power and cost when only plane movement is required.

• Fast, flexible and overhead mounting.

• Integrated vision available, good tracking performance.

Sorting robots are widely used for automated Sorting operation in the production lines of food, machinery, medicine, dairy and cosmetics industry.

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