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Sorting Robot CBT-D3A1


• Model CBT-D3A1 sorting robot has three space servo axes and one rotation servo axis. It can capture the target object through teaching programming or visual system. The three parallel servo axes determine the spatial center position of the gripper to achieve the rapid pickup, sorting, packing, handling, processing and other operations of the target object.

• CBT-D3A1 sorting robot series has been extended to 3 models. Its minimum working space can be 800X200mm, which can save precious production space and reduce production cost. Its maximum load capacity can be up to 6kg. the robot can be easily integrated into automated machinery equipment and production line.

• CBT-D3A1 sorting robot series has a standard working range of 1000X250mm and a payload of up to 3kg. The robot is easy to clean and less maintenance. It is suitable for the sorting and handling of small, light and scattered materials such as food and electronics.

• The chain branched structure adopting the pre-fastened Hooke Hinge has independent intellectual property rights, can effectively expand the working space of the robot and ensure the robot's movement performance.

• By adding the installation of telescopic and rotating shaft, the robot can achieved end effector’s rotation, the movement and placement of sorted objects in space so as to expand the application scope of the robot.

• Introduction to IPC-based Open Control System: IPC-based real-time core technology and programming environment combined with a variety of I / O devices and machine vision systems to form a complete set of real-time control solution through fieldbus technology integration of various  I / O, soft PLC, NC and machine vision system.

• Strong Development Environment: Controller programming and development system is the core of a complete set of automation development platform. The integrated development environment can freely handle all standard IEC61131-3 PLC programming languages.

• Convenient Task Configuration: The task configurator allows users to plan their applications to different time tiers to synchronize with I / O, making it easy for users to complete system setup and I / O mappings through Task Configurator.

• Integrated Multiple Components: The IPC-based open type control system provides a complete, integrated operational and monitoring solution. Visual editors and oscilloscope tools allow users to operate the controller and monitor real-time curves for each variable for follow-up analysis.

Sorting robots are widely used for automated Sorting operation in the production of food, machinery, medicine, dairy and cosmetics industry.

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